A once mighty magician, sanity twisted by his own ambition, now nearly unstoppable because of it


Zixnum was a powerful necromancer from Nexus (now Ismanta) who, after drinking from the Soul Well gained an almost godlike knowledge into the inner workings of life and death. Before him, he saw a vast chain of events, showing that though one’s body has died (or has not been born yet) its soul has been around since the beginning of time (and until the end) on another plane of existence. With this new mindset, he saw himself above mortals, a god capable of controlling not only undeath, but true life and death itself. He wanted to rule and using this knowledge, he wove new dark magics (at the cost of part of his sanity) in order to travel time itself. He could not go back himself, though, he needed to give a gift to his past self (a “weapon” of sorts) so he could rule Nexus before anyone was strong enough to stop him.

He set to create an army of golems in his own image



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