The Dragon War

The Wrath of Seves and the Birth of Chromatic Dragons

It again must be said that time in the Realm of the Gods works differently than that on Rantha. For things that are and will be on Rantha have always been in the Realm of the Gods. Keep this in mind.

Seves was jealous. Immordel had quickly amassed far more power than she had ever hoped to have. He was king of the Rantharian gods. His chosen people, the dwarves, were a tough, industrious race who were devout to Immordel to a fault; while her people, the elves, were decedent. She sought to wipe Rantha clean and start anew. She took the race of ancient dragons, sired by Emmorden, and with dark magicks, perverted them into the cunning, beastial Chromatic dragons. She created a son, the demigod Garth, a half-dragon, half-elf to lead an army of feral Chromatic dragons to wipe out all the peoples of Rantha and start anew. Without followers, the other gods (especially Immordel) would have no one to give them power, but the dragons would worship her; and with the other gods’ power dwindling, they would forsake Immordel and worship her, giving her the kind of power that Immordel possessed now as king. She would then spare them (that is, if her plan had actually worked).

Her dragon hordes ravaged the land, creating the aptly named Dragonlands, a large scar on the earth, for their new home. This caused over half of Camathour and part of Denin and Luvesta to become completely uninahabitable to anyone but them for the rest of time. The eldest dragon, Gilstan, being directly controlled by Garth, became their king and created many, many offspring.

The dragons were a threat, but for quite a long time no one would’ve guessed that they were an organized force. Thousands of years passed before any significant problems were created by large numbers of dragons. It became sport to hunt down dragons by the dwarves and elves, and rites of honor by the humans and orcs. One such “Act of Sport” bore a long line of elves who took up the name Drakesbane (meaning bane of the drakes, or dragons). They became fierce dragon slayers and amassed a fortune and admiration.

In fact, the creation of this new race of dragons could almost be considered a good thing for the peoples of Rantha (mostly Camathour, Denin, Luvesta and Kareth, which were the only lands which the dragons were able to take hold). Technology marched itself forward: better armor, weapons and machines were made to deal with these pests. Morale was upped by the stories of brave warriors meeting their destinies with a sword, a shield and a dragon breathing down their necks. The craft of magic had never been at its strongest, mages experimenting with new ideas to bring an end to these ferocious beasts, and the gods were worshiped more as prayers poured in concerning the safety of loved ones and the ability to amass glory in battle. Seves’ plan had backfired (that was, then at least. The winds of change are fickle).

An Age of Heroes and the Wrath of Gilstan

Born in the height of this turmoil were two men who had forever changed history: the dwarf Immordel and the elf Godrel, named lovingly after the gods, had great destinies. Born at the same time were a few others of historical note as well, who also bore destinies of great importance: Regdar, Lidda, Eberk, Aramil, Erond and Vega would all shape the world.

The Orb of Gamzab was a powerful artifact that Gilstan wanted for himself. He sent one of his “princes”, Zalgad, to retrieve it from the old wizard. He swooped down and managed to rip the roof off of Gamzab’s keep and pluck the Orb from the wizened mage. Luckily, a hero of many, many battles, Erond, who was one of the greatest human warriors to ever walk Rantha, sought him out after he saw him flying above the city. An epic battle took place and Erond mortally wounded the fierce dragon prince, but it was only to the demise of Erond, who was struck down by Zalgad’s acid breath. He flew away, leaving a trail of blood into an abandoned crypt and the king of Camathour sent out a summons for some of the mightiest heroes in Rantha. A grand tourament was held and Regdar, the human warrior; Lidda, the halfling thief; Aramil, the elven mage; and Eberk, the dwarven priest were titled Champion for their respective specialties and were sent out to collect the bounty on the fierce dragon’s head.

After a long struggle, they defeated Zalgad with the assistance of Immordel, sent to the party by his uncle, the dwarven king; and Godrel, the latest in the line of House Drakesbane; even though they were both green to warrior culture. They would all create lasting friendships to the end of their days but none stronger than Immordel and Godrel, who were so close, it was as if they had known each other their entire lives.

Godrel was a fairly talented mage, and like his father, an edept swordsman, but he’d grown accustomed to the riches his family name provided him and the free time for copious amounts of studying. He would’ve much rather been perfecting his talents in the comfort and isolation of his own home than slaying dragons.

Early on, barely into his adulthood, he received a summons from an elven land; from a princess who had heard of his victory against Zalgad. She needed rescue from her uncle who had locked her up in order to seize her throne. He reluctantly set off, after being promised riches, and knew that his father would love to hear his experience; because even though slaying Zalgad was a feat, he didn’t do it alone, which displeased his family. He journeyed for several months on foot to the Graymoor Forest, a sovereign territory of the elves within Camathour. A week into his journey, he met a creature, a gold pseudodragon named Dex, who greeted him with riddles and challenges. The creature said, after proving Godrel’s worth, that he had been long awaiting someone pure of heart and mind to bond with and share his knowledge and power. Such a temptation was great for Godrel, even though he knew that his family wouldn’t accept that he had bonded with a dragon (even one as tiny as Dex). But this was an offer too good to pass up. They bonded, and Dex became Godrel’s familiar. He agreed to lend Godrel power, not only to save the princess, but to do greater things in his life as well.

Godrel reached the elven kingdom inside Graymoor Forest and attempted to charm his way in to no avail. He managed to sneak past most of the guards, but he had a tussle with one and managed to lift a buckler off of him. Godrel, being magically inclined, had no use for a buckler; until he thought of a plan: he enchanted the buckler with levitation and increased durability. He created a vehicle that he dubbed “The Amazing Flying Buckler”. He managed to reach the princess and, after battling his way through the castle, escape with her. Her name was Irrel. She, too, was a master of magic, though of the divine sort. She healed Godrel of wounds that he had sustained rescuing her and they left to seek asylum on the Drakesbane estate. During that time, they became very well acquainted and fell in love. When the problems with the kingdom were settled, they were married, though Godrel would still not reveal to his family his arrangement with Dex.

Being of one consciousness with Dex, he felt himself drawn to the dragons. He found out that there were other races spawned after the creation of the Chromatic dragons, the most widespread of which were the Metallic dragons; who, like the elves, were ancient and too preoccupied with philosophy and magic to cause harm. He lived with them and became their disciple; a templar for their cause. But when he returned, his family shunned him.

Meanwhile, Immordel had been basking in the newfound praise and wealth he had received over the defeat of Zalgad. He was a hero of his people and other peoples alike. He used his recent acquisition of fame to begin his lifelong dream of starting a smithing business, but this did not retire him, as he had many hands working to create his specialized arms and armament while he went out on quests for money and materials to help improve his business. After Godrel’s return, they went into a partnership together to mass-produce “Amazing Flying Bucklers”, which succeeded to help strengthen their friendship even more.

On one such quest, Immordel was sent out to slay a powerful mage who was able to make copies of himself. Though with that being the mage’s only gimmick, he was easily taken care of.

The Dragon War

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