The War of the Nexus

The First Battle of the Nexus

In the land of Ismanta, a powerful necromancer named Zixnum who had long studied the teachings of Vega and Keth set out to make himself a god. He had heard of a powerful place in Ismanta known as the Soul Well, a well linked to all the souls in all of the multiverse that were, are, and ever will be. He felt that if he could control these souls, he could imbue his undead with their essence so they would become the following that he needed to become a god. Before this, the land had been in a holy war for many years, dwindling the population of Ismanta. For him, it was the perfect time to strike. He systematically killed the remaining inhabitants of the continent with a flesh golem that he himself had sent through time by using the Soul Well. To him, this victory was preordained by the fact that him sending his creation back through time to aid himself must be cycular. After the battle was nearly won, the golem, completing his mission, faded away through time leaving Zixnum to reconstruct him and send him back through the Soul Well to aid his past self.

A small band of survivors, led by a former paladin of the Church of Light, now worshiping Immordel, managed to fortify the keep where the Soul Well was hidden. But not for very long. Zixnum had already scoured the land looking for the best parts of his strongest victims, and created what he considered to be his perfect flesh golem, the key to his victory. He stormed the keep and killed everyone but the paladin with a wave of his hand, the empty vessel of his golem floating behind him. The paladin said he would never give up, but Zixnum struck him down with a bolt of energy through his heart. He then raised him from the dead as a lich and made an incantation so that his enemy could never harm him, could never seek him out or even say his name. He walked over to the Soul Well and gave his creation life, and using dark magic, sent it through time; but unbeknownst to him, this was not preordained, and this one act changed everything.

The golem woke up amidst a field of corpses and for the first time, his mind was full of thoughts and feelings; he was thinking and unlike before he passed through the Soul Well, he had no scars from where he was stitched together; no patches of flesh out of place from the different beings that were fused to create him; and the runes that were carved into him to bind the souls from the well together and give him life were not jagged scars, but actual parts of his being. He was truly alive.

Though before he could get his bearings, soldiers dressed in gas masks and armor spotted him over the plane of corpses. Assuming that he was an undead, they chased him and attempted to “remedy” him of that affliction. He was soon overtaken and was forced to fight them without armor, weapons or equipment. He sustained injuries, but that only forced him to fight on stronger. With one push of will, his eyes and the runes covering his body began to glow and he incinerated his assailants with a blast of powerful pyromancy. He took their armor and weapons and found with them a map leading to their home where he rode to find answers to his lost memories.

When he reached the city of ___, he stumbled upon a merchant who told him that because of his odd appearance, he must be the survivor of a long-dead race of rune-covered magic users known as the Patryn and he fit him with magic-amplifying armor, an artifact of this ancient race. To him this felt right, but of course, what he didn’t know was that he was in fact the progeny of Zixnum; who did in fact model his new race of perfect golems after the legendary Patryn. He took for himself the Patryn name Zalkez, the name of one of their great heroes, Zalkez the Liberator, and embarked on a journey to learn more of his past.

Over time, Zixnum met up with Zair Drakesbane, a powerful sorcerer descended from Godrel, who possessed a tome with Godrel’s consciousness, created when a still-mortal Godrel used a great power to overt a threat to Rantha. Zair and Zalkez became fast friends and began bonding over their mutual magical prowess. Zair and the Tome of Godrel agreed to help Zalkez on his quest for enlightenment and set out to find answers in the ancient City of Light, a former Patryn city, now inhabited by human divine casters.

The War of the Nexus

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